BLACK LIST [en] escort, SELLING 201'S UK D+P, escort in BLACK LIST [en]" /> BLACK LIST [en] escort, SELLING 201'S UK D+P, escort in BLACK LIST [en]"> BLACK LIST [en], SELLING 201'S UK D+P">
  1. ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Произошел сбой базы, восстановить удалось с откатом. Приносим свои извинения.


Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем ukdumps, 4 ноя 2009.

  1. ukdumps

    ukdumps New Member

    0 $.
    Selling UK 201(chip) d+p

    These days uk 201 d+p are very hard to cash out, from the begining i have to warn you that uk 201's may not
    work in your area, so before contacting me do your homework good.
    I WONT replace if they are region locked, before delivery all dumps are checked on atm for pin match
    and for validity, so there cant be any problems once delivered.
    I WONT replace low balance, for some dumps balances can still be viewed at atm in uk, but for others it
    cant be viewed, so really it depends on your luck and on what i have in stock when you place order.
    If i have checked balances in stock those have priority always, you will get dumps with balance.
    I am selling only 201's uk, dont ask for any other kind.
    I WONT give any dumps free to anyone, for test , live sample and so on.If you have doubts simply dont
    contact me and mind your own business.Also dont come in this thread yelling: " yeah, he's ripper because
    he's selling d+p , and no one sells d+p".I have my reasons to sell them, and that is nobody's concern.
    Let the feedbacks speak once they start coming in.

    Price is 100$/dump non-negotiable
    Payment by wmz or wu.

    Contact: ICQ:580436695
    [email protected]
  2. bigB

    bigB Well-Known Member

    0 $.
    lol what a looser:D
  3. capac

    capac Guest

    0 $.
    Bro.... i NOT say that u are ripper... coz there are lot of ways to get UK D+P's....

    BIG LOL BRO, u auto blacklisted urself or what?? :-D

    post in right section!


  4. ukdumps

    ukdumps New Member

    0 $.
    bro i did not posted in black list section, my post was moved here by moderator, i originally posted in selling section, i ofered potential buyers ESCROW option in other post i made, but that post was deleted by moderator also.
    i dont talk about you, but i hate people who make assumptions without dealing or knowing what is what, like that idiot above who called me loser
    if i cant sell in this forum is ok, frustrated dickheads who never see d+p in their life its normal to speak " yeah , he's ripper"

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